March 21, 2009


i jst had the weirdest dream!! kela jam3a-related awal part was about me n this guy going skiing together la o traa blkuwait!!;p wayed estansna 3ad! oo the other part ena faja'a ana rdait eljam3a taking a major subject oo a guy brings me a laptop eygole it has the whole material summerized oo that he worked on it for me ;) (YES he winked! ma3a ena bl sj he never spoke to me :p)
she6are? mnzmaan mashfthum aslaan!! bs way el7elm kan eywannnnness ;-p

i cannot enjoy my weekends , la'ana a7e6 alarm 3shaan agom , 7adee khayfa i mess-up my sleeping la'ane shwaya embad3a i have only few mins left for this month to come in late bs aslan i shudnt b late :p

Laishh ma3nde BB yet? i was very excited about it a year ago o al7een kelman hab feh o sar available everywhere oo ana ma3ndee eyahhh!!!! (e7em)

today was a saad Saad daay. after 8 years of false hope he leaves herand marries the girl his mom chose for him !!!

i wannnt my ollllddd self baaackk !!:( a7esne sayra ma awanes!! oo ma3nde wayed frnds , anyone interesteedd??:P

a very close frnd of mine is engaged , still its too early but im very very VERY excited for her , bs yarrabe shes taking tooooooooooooooooo long!! two months eygolaha yabeeha , one month oma edg /omha edg back/yadeta edg/om'ha edg back , btroo7 my excitmennntt;p

Current Habbat :
FB (loyal)
cosmopolitan (3nde 6 different editions for the last 2 months)
my mobile (awal marra aheb feh men 6 years ymken)
Duffy (Tomorrow;*)
and myyy belooved Wii ♥♥♥

March 8, 2009

In the meeting room

While everyone is so busy fighting for their point of view yours truley is very very busy looking at sulaimans ugly UGly shoes , ya3ne slaiman allah eyhadeek orangeeshoes with a white deshdasha?

i notice khaled black nails , (KHALED: please wash ur hands more often )

i notice a7mads sweet sweeet smile *blush*

i notice yousefs nervousness , i wonder why this very sweet n calm guy is so tense during meetings? hmmm struggling much?

i notice na9ers loud tone , Ba6ait athone allah eyhadeek!!

i notice how basma is always always right mashallah 3laiha , if i can only get in her head one day oo asawe copy 7ag eli b mukh'ha it wud b perfect!

i notice that i shud buy me chanel pearls la'ana wayed 3ajbene malot reem!!

i notice how ma7mad smiles at me every now n then , casually ya3ne

"yalla meshaina?" yousef interrupts

"mmmm.." **

i get back to my cubical , 'lock' myself in and count the days till i retire miserably..

*i developed this thing mn 3gb mashtghlt , soote may6la3! due to lack of speaking maybe , mn kther ma ana kela sakta sote most of the time raye7, waynik baba I DEE dont speak unless spoken to!!

January 29, 2009

Dee the newbie ;)

im at work! the work i hated all from the begining (the first ugly week arghh) but now im think im falling in love!;$ they are Sooo soo nice mashallaaah , all smiles and very cheerful ive bonded with the newbies cause u know we feel for each other;p and since i got transfered this week to a new dep (yeah they really wanted to get rid of me;p) i got to meet the whole floor .
if youve asked me two days earlier about work i wudve told u that no way in hell im gna complete my 100 days but now i do see myself here and i really hope that i be the most comprehending and innovative newbie they ever had;p
zain guess what previously very fathya Dee got a meeting today , yes a MEETING i cannot stop saying it ,i feeel smaart haha gta got readyy for my 'meeting'
laters ;)